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Phase III Government Follow On Opportuities

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SBIR/STTR firms can deal with the Federal Government without competition.

SBIR firms enjoy very powerful and unique provisions which simply do not accrue to any other form of financing. Among these are the "follow on provisions" that encourage (entice) SBIR firms to commercialize their technologies. Loosely stated this provision goes like this:

                 "Firms that have ever had even one SBIR, or STTR, Phase I can be
                  in a position to allow the Federal Government to legally offer them
                  contracts and grants with no (zero) competition."

There is NO dollar limit (worth $billions?) and no time limits (for the life of the firm) in this provision of the law. As we said, it was intended by Congress to entice the SBIR firm to go on to full commercialization.

Now this may sound wonderful, but the harsh reality is that the government doesn't actually realize this -- at least not much of it. The procurement officers of the Government are all indoctrinated toward "competition" but taking advantage of this very real provision seems to represent asking them to perform anti-competitive actions. Moreover the SBIR and STTR program are minuscule compared to the everyday scope of purchasing officers and they simply do not know that these provisions even exist, nor how to use them. They seem to be dangerous and potentially “career busters” to these officials. They need incontrovertible proof that:

                 1) their doing this is legal and
                 2) that they are not breaking new ground to work with you on this basis.

Thus, the SBIR Center has developed the SBIR-SoleSourceTM tool/tutorial package to both train and equip you, and your potential contracting officer, in how to deal with this provision.

If you want to help yourself to help the potential contracting official give you that megabuck contract/grant on a sole-source no competition basis, then you need this tool. It is only $295.00 and will save you many hours and greatly increase the likelihood of your actually getting that BIG Phase III order.

Submit Your Tool Order Here.

NOTE: The SBIR Center supports SBIR participants in pursuit of these sole-source, megabuck, follow-on awards. For a few, well qualified firms we even do this for a piece of the sole-source action on the back end. Contact us for the particulars.

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