SBIR Center Performance & Satisfaction Guarantees

You are in charge!

The SBIR Center has a policy to put you in charge. This means that after all is said and done, you determine what the product or service was worth to you; if it was less than the price you paid, then you can come back to us, articulate the problem/shortcoming and we will negotiate a fair price (even then, you are the final judge of what is “fair”). Now that is a REAL money back, satisfaction guarantee. This policy applies to the following items:

SBIR-ToolKitTM (all 21 titles) AND All Workshps & Seminars


The ToolKit product is designed to aid the grant/proposal writer in easily producing and submitting a document that is fully compliant with the requirements of the specific procurement to which it is matched. The Center warrants that if you faithfully follow all of the instructions contained in the SBIR-ToolKitTM, SBIR-AdvisorTM and SBIR-FormsTM (if available) , then your submission WILL be compliant and should successfully pass the initial administrative compliance review conducted by the agency. If your proposal/grant request is rejected for an administrative noncompliance due to demonstrable error(s) in your ToolKit product, the Center will refund twice the purchase price plus all shipping, handling and sales tax costs to you upon receiving proof of such rejection and proof of your purchase.


If, within 30 days of purchase and after a reasonable trial effort, you determine that the product was not worth the price paid, or was even useless to you, then you can receive up to the entire purchase price back (less shipping and handling costs).

NOTE: In order to receive this refund, you must reasonably articulate what the unmet expectations were, or define to us the problems you encountered, so that we may make adjustments and improve our products.

Should the information provided in a ToolKit cause you to determine that pursuit of SBIR/STTR funding is not appropriate for you at this time, that would be a very positive and valuable outcome and will NOT be considered a valid reason for requesting a refund.

SBIR Training/Workshops

If, after attending any of our commercial workshops you determine that the price you paid was more than the value received and will articulate to us why that is so, then you may request a refund of your tuition up to the amount that it cost us for you to be there (at most workshops, we have to pay our sponsors, hosts up to $50 for each attendee). This money back satisfaction guarantee even applies if you have been to some other SBIR workshop or SBIR conference recently -- our offerings are so different from the others and contain so much more value than we are charging (evaluated by two universities), that we are confident you will not be disappointed. NOTE: Requests for refunds must be made within two (2) working days after the workshop’s completion.

There are two (2) exceptions to this workshop guarantee:

1) Should information received at a workshop cause you to determine that it might currently be a waste of time to pursue SBIR/STTR funding, this would be a very positive and valuable outcome and thus will NOT be considered a valid reason for requesting a refund.

2) If the workshop is not one of our sponsored "commercial" events but is a "purchased", reduced price workshop offered by a state, university, etc., then we will request the offeror to put into effect this same guarantee for you, but cannot control that in every case. NOTE: Most of our events are of the commercial type and this exception rarely applies. Please ask us about any given event if the situation is not clear to you.


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